The Girl Behind This Curtain

The girl behind this curtain is not an easy sight to see.

The fasade of happiness that I exude is not reality.

What everyone knows is fake; just one of many avatars.

The girl behind this curtain has bruses and scars

both mentally and phisically and always insight,

So use to pretending to laugh and smile, like everything is alright

When deep down, I'm dying inside; as though my soul has been sleign

The tears, although may feel right, will never help the pain.

What lies ahead is uncertain,

What is unknown to this brokengirl is yet another curtain

that hold true to happiness and being healed

There is no more fasade once this second curtain is revealed

All the laughs, all the smiles are true and I am no longer jarred

The road to recovery is long and hard

But no longer do I feel saddened and poisoned

Because what lies beond the second curtain is worth every second


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