Dear Beautiful

Dear Beautiful;

5-7-9 that's every girl's dream

To be thin, perfect and hotter than the sun's radiant gleam

To have a gorgeous face that's every girl's objective

So we get up every morning and plaster on our face of deceptives

Afraid of the bitter slurs

The judgement and cruel detective of what is yet to occur


Looking in the mirror has become a daily struggle

For what one sees is not nearly enough to be classified as beautiful 

So making a change becomes essential

Pleasing the world is number one of the agenda

Slowly forgetting all of the values and morals that have become customs 

Losing sight of my identity's growing potential


Glaring in the mirror

Pondering who is this monster I've become

Grasping reality. . . What have I done?

The eyes staring back at me are not those of love


Clenching the mirror

Losing sight of my morality

Sinking deep

Facing restless nights

The person before me is unrecognizable

Praying for an ounce of reality

Lord lead me back into your arms

For living this double life has done nothing but cause me harm


Looking in the mirror from my own perspective

Trusting my own judgement and dismissing worldly detectives

Its safe to say that I have learned to respect my beauty's potential

I've learned my lesson; Giving in has never been worth it

Confidence is essential.


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