By Grace I Am


Grace, Gods precious love. 
Gives me the 
Strength,courage, and Determination,
the rest of them don't have. 
"you aren't able to compete"
"You cant afford it"
To hear the words
pulls down 
again and again
Rippled Water.
still like mountains,
strong and still and harsh like winds.
power is Grace,
forget It.
the strings vibration 
the sweat, the power of creation
all from one perfect creation of his.
He gives so much more than I 
I understand 
the probability is so slim for me
the things i have 
compared to the resources they do.
I am different
but who got to the finish line
comparing themselves to a completely different 
I am oil paint
they are water colored
I Know I do not need 
the money
the pressure the
lights and special effects.
the crowd is not impressed by them.
I can make my own.
I have all I need, 
Beating in my chest
created to produce
My crowds can feel It.
I was created to feel the hurting of children.
I was created to cry out for them,
I was created to help.
How can be so water colored if all I have leftover 
Was created to be given
What I have is in them.
I have them,
they clap like it wasn't me, 
Grace. They applauded
We know that Oil is not the same as water and 
I know I am the most perfect oil creation,
And they too are perfect.
Grace brings me here,
I was carried here without money, or opportunity,
but with grace.
I was not made like them.
I am good enough.
By Christ Through Faith.


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