Behind the curtains and the mask

Who's hiding behind the locked door?

No one seems to hear me.

Who's behind the curtain?

No one seems to see me.

Who's hiding behind mask?

No one seems to see who I really can be. 

Why are you hiding? 

Who Are you?

What are you doing here?

You don't belong here.

Why don't you just stop being you and fit in like the rest of us?

The questions come flooding in all at once, so much that I think I'm drowning. 

I'm hiding in the shadows, away from everyone and everything.

I will not conform to their rules, nor will they bend to mine. 

It's a never ending power struggle for control of myself.

It is my choice on who I am and who I am to become. 

No one can take that choice from me. 

I am in the mask that I'm forced to hide behind everysingle day of my life and it's torture. 

This is not my true form, this is not my true self, this is most certainly not the real me. 

The real me is, and always has been right in front of you but you don't see her. 

Alll you see the the monster that everybody has made her out to be.

I am not a monster, i am a real person, just like everyone else.

The only difference is I can take off my mask. 

I can come out from behind the curtain.

I can unlock the locked door and open it up for the world to see the real me. 

Can you do the same or do you just live in your shadows and follow the crowd just like everybody else?


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