Forever Alone


A passion for music and a love for dancing

an energy ball of fury with a compassionate soul

but behind the door, it remains sealed

forever a secret

hushed from the world

All that escaped behind the trapped door

was a rush of darkness

no light to be seen

A girl on the side

and tells herself a lie

"It's better to remain silent

and though as a fool

than to open my mouth

and tell the truth

a tear in her eve

but never falls

a smiled formed but never natural

She laughs and talks

but only speaks lies

always tells about her "perfect life"

A loving father and wonderful mother

a happy family

always together

but behind that door

the father abused and the mother misused

the girl is always bruised

and others believe

she is carelessly clumsly

she shies away but doesnt show

the pain deep inside

She dances and sings with all her friends

but never tries

for it is hard to smile

when it is always a lie

In this world you must fit in

or people will talk and say too much

when she desires to escape

she goes to the door

just to look

but decides to leave it behind

never to be opened

for if it is everyone will see

the truth of who she is meant to be

she goes to the door and decides to peek

for her true self is growing weak

when a shine of light

a wave of hope

and a passionate song

played for her

she widens her eyes and smiles deep inside

always filled with only light

she loses herself to the music

for that is the only one who understands

she looks up from her song

but no ones around

she just remembered no one can know

the truth behind the door

for if they do

they will judge

this girl

is forever alone



Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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