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You smile at me like you know me. You have tried to understand me.

You decided I was too complicated to comprehend and analyze, so you moved along and agreed without hesitation that I am different.


I hate to tell you this, but my mind is connected and wired in a strange manner that yet nobody I have ever encountered can begin to understand.

I think of things most people have never even realized, and I realize people in their confusion while trying to realize what I already have.

Confused? Try to follow, because I lead out and only notice things that people like me see.

Thoughts drown you daily, but for me it is the only way to swim and function.

Don't assume or complicate things because you'll find yourself coming to the conclusion of an unwavering mess, constantly overbearing your chest with lies you will regret with a hanging head and sunken shoulders.

Meditation is a synchronizing sanctuary where I spend most of my time alone.

I'm sorry I can't take you along because I never have before and I don't plan on trying anything new anytime soon. They call it space.

Don't try to see through me because you'll just reach a wall and a veil of hypnotism of the life I live, and the life I am living. Just take me as I am.

Avoid the deep stuff. You don't have to understand me, or even try to because I like the confirmation of my soul entrusted within myself and in a lockbox where my heart is the key.

Just shake your head and agree with me.

Accept what you see when you look at me. I'll share my thoughts, but it will cost a penny.

Just know you will never ever come close to actually knowing me.

I wear a mask that has the craftsmanship of subtlety. You do not know me.  


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