The Definition of Me.


Who am I underneath this costume?

They want to define me.

I let them.

Family is the world.

Suffocated by loving arms.

I'm cute. I'm smart.

I'm gentle, docile,

One who follows the rules,

Does what she sould,

Listens when she must.

Straight-A student with a need for perfection.

Okay. If that's what you say.

Such a static characterization.

It's the mask you're looking at anyway, the mask you made for me.

When I'm free and the curtain will rise-


The girl you will see is no one you know.

Rewrite the dictionary, I've flipped your script.

Religion, grades, even you don't define me.

You don't know my lines. You can't play my part.

Still you shove the facade upon my face.

So I'll let you define me, be my puppeteer.

I'm preventing the next world war you see.

Soon I'll be free, out of the shadows.

You won't direct me anymore.

I'll throw my mask in the fire, let the curtain burn down.

The final act of your play will conclude.

It will be my turn, my story, my life, my play.

The world  is my stage.

A dynamic definition of me.

By me.


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