A curtain you say?
I applaud you for that
No mere curtain could ever hold me back
What's its color?
Its make?
How tight is it bound?
Does it have gold tassels that trail on the ground?
I assume most would need more than some fabric and string
A box, a wall or a cage you might say
Something strong it can't easily evade

Evade you ask?
Oh yes I forgot
Your curtain is all it needs to keep lost
Mine can't just be hidden
Or kept alone in the dark
It cannot be known to the world
It's to be shackled and locked
Are our true selves really hidden?
Or are they shut up deep inside
Straining to breakout and reveal all the lies
Lies you deny?
Come now it's true
Everyone has things they don't want found
It may be one small thing 
Or layers on hundreds 
Tucked behind masks and muffled by words 
From the outside it's indistinguishable
But no need to fret
Everyone does it
It's the way we live in this world
Don't believe me?
You didn't even give it a thought
Now it's rhyme without reason
Light bathed in dark
No matter how tight your curtain is bound
Someone will always know there's more
The outer does not reflect the inner's obsessions
The outside realm is thick with suspicion
My front is my lock and it lacks a key
No matter who it is they should never know the real me. 


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