Oh no! The words flew from the mouths of bystanders seeking the cause of the accident. Not me. The bitterness of my salty tears flowed down my face like a thunderstrom swirling in my soul. Not emotional tears. Laughing tears. And they didn't even have the common courtesy of asking if she was ok. But they didn't really care. The joy of a hilarious joke or insider brings daily satisfaction to me in my life. My abs do a workout of fifty crunches in less than ten second which is impressive if i do say so myself. After a while, my head begins to pound like I've had a fight and unfortunately, my head took the worst.  My laughter does not wait for a hand signal or a green light. Nor an alarm or firefighter to say "bring on the waterworks." One may mistake me laughin at them and adresses me with some stupid line. They're immediately greeted with the wetness of another tear.You just don't get it.Laughter is a universal language in which everyone can do. When one laughs, they take a quick vacation to a country only seen by those who've understood the joke. A stimulated recess from the devastating things of this universe. It's good for the soul and doesn't need a congress to allow it or a presidential veto to reject it. When you're a baby. You learn how to do the peguin(walk) and how to say mommy or daddy. Ponder this. Who teaches you how to laugh? I'll wait. So when someone ask me why I laugh so much? I won't even waste my breath on the answer.

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