Behind the Curtain

I am the one that many people do see

As independent, confident and free.

But many don't know that deep inside

Is a scared little child, desperate to hide.

Behind the spectacle that many behold

is a stupid girl hiding behind the curtain folds.

The wizard and I are not that different at all,

with the fact that we both have our own flaws.

The flaws we fear,

the flaws we loathe,

the flaws that we're both afraid to show

So afraid we shut the world out

Hiding behind those curtains that supposedly keep us safe and sound.

I'm afraid of what the future becomes

I'm afraid of what I may become.

I don't take things as seriously as I should

And I don't understand the things that many people would.

I'm not the 'Great and Powerful Oz' people expect me to be,

I'm just a foolish mortal desperate to flee.

But I have to be brave, as I have been told,

But I still chose to hide behind the curtain folds.


Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

Pay no attention...

Pay no attention...

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