How Nature Made Me




Nature made me as I am

As she did with the oceans and trees

To be myself is her intended plan

A prisoner inside my mind never free

Hold my tongue in the presence of the Crowd

Only to speak when I emerge in pure silence

Bounded by Chains with my head Bowed

Only when I be myself can I achieve true balance

How can one stand by while my true self is jailed away

How can one not be happy for the qualities that his

The majority fear individualism because it defies their way

But what is really to fear is the majority for what it truly is

They say I am flawed in every way

But it is these flaws that our me

What keeps me going is the internal fight so I may not be eaten away

I love to be myself to run, scream, and be free

Why does my true self need to be locked deep inside

So what I may be loud, short, and weird

I would rather be who I am and be cast aside

Then someone I am not and be cheered.

I must not conform to their Wishes

Be who I am as nature intended

To speak up and express my differences

Only then will my true self be transcended




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