Being Who I Am

What is it that brings me joy?

It's rather quite simple,

It's just being who I am.

I am a dancer,

A writer,

An artist,

A cyclist and a linguist.


My passion is in living

My life is my canvas

Each new day is an opportunity

To grow,

To explore,

To dream, create,

And become.


My art is my sanctuary

It's my place,

My place in the world where I am no one

But me.


It's a place to thwart confusion


And grief.

Art is the pure essence of my soul.

It is me, through and through.


Living creatively

Is liberating.

Liberating from the constraints of society.

It's like an oxygen mask

To the stifling standards of perfection.

Art is a deviation of those expectations

A gateway to perspective,

And opportunity.


And the joy I find in learning

Is to be compared

Compared to that of winning first place

At any championship.

It's exhilarating

It fills your being with success

And it's addicting.


For me,

To Learn languages

Is this way,

Addicting. Exhilarating.

It's an explosion of wonder

Learning three,


And sometimes five

Languages at a time.


Unable to just choose one.

In a way,

I have to date all of them,

Before I can settle down.

Some may say I'm indecisive.

"Just choose one!"

Honestly I cannot.


Language is my runner's high

Once I hit that point

I cannot slow down.

I feel I can achieve anything.

So I try.

I learn,

And I learn

And oh!

The success I taste is brilliant!


Being me.

Being who I am

And not conforming for anyone

Is what brings me joy.

I am a student at life.

Always learning,

Always growing, and improving.

And I am completely smitten with that fact

I have the greatest delight in simply living.


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