My education makes me happy

if it wasnt for education I would'nt even have a temptation to pursue what I want to become

I love school....... and every class, teacher, and assignment I do........ 

Only few

In my family have gone making my strive for education forlorn

Yet that loneliness never gets to me because when I'm doing chemistry I defy the odds telling myself that in real reality

This was never meant to be.

So honestly I'm living this fairytale in education learning about different types of legislation.

I'm like some black super hero, a different type of comic and telling me that I'm not going to graduate is nonsense

My happiness lies in my books , all of them even in the tattered pages of spanish 2.

And no I'm not lying I'm telling the truth

I believe my love for school started when I realized that I wasnt dumb 

or what the kids use to call me


I love education and I'll scream it to the world with no hesitation 

Cause to my realization with out it I am nothing



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