The guilt is evidently

Non existent

I, honestly, could care less.

I pick up the broken pieces.

And dream of the better days

And yet I'm still adhesive

To my dreary ways

You say oh so sad

I say oh to bad

And we all go our separate ways

Hey what do you know

When the sad lonesome soul


And no ones there to hear

Where does it go?

Have you no clue

Of what it might do

To this sad lonesome spirit?

You cannot hear it.

For, from your choosing, have

Closed is your mind to the world around you.

Living in your own

Little planet

Of perfection.

Open up a bit

And then you may come to see

Things aren't always as they seem

Feel no guilt show no fear

For the day of your

Dreams draws near

When the world will be yours for the taking

And the only thing that'll be breaking

Are the walls that stand in your way.

Don't back down

From the challenge

Just because of a minor setback

It takes more courage

To stand up tall

Than to live your life like a doll

You are not a puppet

So stop trying to ignore the facts

Open your eyes to what's around you

Scrape that plastic smile off your face

And start showing your true colors

For if you do

You will have nothing to hide

And the friends at your side

Will be true

But listen to this warning

You can't always rely

On you friends eyes

For they may be closed off to

It takes time

And a lot of stubbornness

But may be one day they will see like you

Keep your mind clear

And dreams near

Listen and you will hear

The silent whispers

But not of the lost

For you will be found

In yourself

And no one else

Confide the thoughts

And tell not

The secrets of the past


As they say,

Yesterday is history.

Tomorrow is a mystery.

And today is a gift.

tis why it is called

the present.


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