The Show

There is no curtain here. Only a show.

This is no ordinary show, but one of miraculous proportions.

A hidden message under everything from the largest of themes to the smallest of dialogue.

All will see the show, but not one will understand fully.

Not even I the creator.

Disguised under the surface is my story told of what has, what is, and what will be.

A tale made and performed by the artist of unkown heights.

The one unseen but some believe they can change.

But that written in stone can never be altered.

Once the first hidden message is uncovered there is a new one to discover.

All is organized in a simplistic setup once you break the first few layers.

First layer of comedy, the silly side everbody sees in everyday life.

Second of Tragedy, the heartbreak and sorrow. The tears of the broken man inside.

Third of Logic, the man that thinks through every possible outcome of every decision.

Fourth of Stone, refusing to break from emotions and hardened by the second.

Fifth of Determination, a man seeing things he starts through till the end.

Sixth of Water, being able to match the flow of every situation he gets into.

seventh of Hatred and Aggression, the man that will sley the many that dare oppose him.

eight of Faith, choosing to believe what he wants to believe without giving into others.

Nineth of Insanity, a powerful tool to use in your favor, but can be very hard to control.

Tenth of fire, the man who can see the life inside that which destroys.

Eleventh of Love, the most powerful and destructive tool if strong enough in the heart of the person who holds it.

Twelfth of Dark creativity, to set an unease inside all that view it.

The final of Truth, the most imortant, the truth will set you free, the truth is the ultimate tool of both destruction and creation.

Now there is much more to find. Much more to discover in this play.

This is what i have found. I challenge you to see what you find in your journey.

Not in me but in yourself. now search brothers and sisters. Search and be free.


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