The Wisp


I walked down the increasingly eerie road.  Something didn't feel right, almost as if I was being watched or followed.  However I knew my goal.  I had to get to the castle.  Lantern at my side,  I slowly continued into the graveyard of plantlife.  All was quiet, the faint hum of the ember that lay snug in the orb that kept my sanity soothed my ears, and the squeaky metallic screech of the rusty handle of the lantern further ran my colorful imagination.

Cling Clang, Cling Clang

The inner mechanisms of my mind ran wild, I suppose it is quite difficult to prevent this in this immense shroud of darkness, in which anything in any nook, cranny, and crevice could be lurking or simply watching.  I figured watching would be worse.  To know that someone or somthing is studying you, you don’t even know why, and that is the terrifying part.

Cling Clang, Cling Clang

The sloshing of oil in the lantern soon began to seem less audible.  I had to hurry.  I watched in horror as my wisp of life slowly but surely became dim and drab.  The darkness was closing in, I could barely see my hand in front of me, I was lost...Lost without a beacon that would ensure my safe return to my destination.

Cling Clang, Cling Clang

My senses were toying with me, seeing and hearing things I hoped did not exist.  Images from my most horrifying nightmares crawled and lurked where my eyes could not see.  Before I knew it, I was sprinting aimlessly through the treeline, hoping to get away from my own twisted imagination.  

Cling Clang, Cling Clang

Wet branches scratching my face, and the now smoking embers in the lantern where dimming.  Then nothing,  My wisp of life had died...I stood there in horror, the darkness had won.  Not knowing my way anywhere, I stumbled blindly deeper into the living nightmare.  

Cling Clang, Cling Clang.



One of the first poems I created. Hope everyone enjoys!

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