The Ever-so-Present Future


I really do believe in love.

The kind of love where you are whisked away by all that is new and exciting.

The kind of love where your mind is held captive to your heart that controls you,

and leads you by the whim and the freedom that love harbors.


When I realized I loved you;

I knew that there was no turning back.

I knew because I had finally lost myself to love’s temporary madness.


I fell for your eyes.

Sometimes blue.

Always earthy, and filled with passion.


I fell for your quirks.

How you are adorable when you deny doing something,

when you are really the culprit,

and you start to giggle like you’re being tickled over and over again.


I fell for your hands.

Worn from playing the drums, but always gentle to the touch.


I fell for your smile.

That always loving smile.

That could bring me out of my misery in a heartbeat.


So when you left

At first I felt lost.




But a shimmer of hope still resided within me.

And that was this;

1.You left because of your education,

and not because you stopped loving me.

2.You wanted to stay friends.


That is what atarted to make me twist.

Turning, until that pain of you leaving was a distant feeling

replaced with newfound strength.


Because I know that if we stay friends,

if we keep this relationship we have together a strong one,

we can make it through anything.


And that, my dear,

is also what makes me shout.

Shout until I can no longer hear my voice,

from letting you know that I will Always. Be. Here. For. You.


I know that if we both care enough to set the stones in place,

we can cement them together,

so that they are unbreakable.

Those carefully placed stones will then form a path.

A path that connects us halfway in our lives.

A path that leaves us standing there.

At the end of each of our paths.

And see that really;

we will be at the beginning.


The beginning of our life together.




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