Happiness, what is it really?


Does anyone really know what happiness is?

Is it being the class wiz?

Is it fighting for what’s right,

So you can approach the light?


People have different views

And some people can’t take life’s clues,

But for me it’s being in tune with everything around me

Finding that right key


That unlocks the door

To my inner core,

And helps me stay grounded

When my strings are too wounded


When I feel suffocated and need to breathe

I pick up a book and read

When I need an escape books are always there

They don’t judge you, so what you’ve done they don’t care


Music is a good escape too

Especially when you are feeling blue

Songs bring back memories you will never forget

Some you would rather not be set


Everyone needs to find something that makes them happy

Especially when life sucks and makes you feel sappy

Life has numerous challenges and how you conquer those challenges defines you,

So when the big bad tries to take you down you need to be the first one to say,”Boo!”






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