2 years of battling depression are buried in her chest
     Overwhelming anxiety is tattoed on her skin
She tries to numb the ache
     and cover the ink
But shattering smiles and batted eyelashes can never fully hide mental illness
"A pretty girl like you has nothing to be sad about"
     what does that even mean?
Waking up is the nightmare and sleeping is the dream
Her therapist tells her those are signs of suicidal thoughts
     but is she really suicidal?
A constant battle with her own thoughts
     causes her to pretend to be okay
But after 2 years her parents don't even recognize her
Has this identity shes created become who she really is?
     or is she still pretending
She wants to be who she was before depression
     but she doesn't even know who she was before depression
How is she supposed to be herself if she doesn't even know who she is?


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