The Girl Within the Beautiful Mirage

Walking alone along the sweltering

 road, I saw a figure that was unknown. 

As I rubbed my eyes, I took a second look. 

From afar, a girl from head to toe dressed in all white, making her light brown hair and sun-kissed skin glow with radiance, 

Was sitting near an oasis, humming a soft tune as she looked at her reflection. 

She seemed so mesmerized by what she was looking at.

I too, wanted to see what she was in awe about.

As I looked, I immediately saw right into her soul.

 Her reflection unveiled her perfections and flaws.

  On the outside, I saw an enthusiastic, hospitable, superficial, and passive girl. 

The longer I stared, the more I started to realize her soul had many parts:

Deep down inside she was idealistic,

Always unrealistically aiming for perfection and equality.

Noticeably, on the outside, she was too passive, bending her wants and needs in order to make others happy. 

But, when it’s her day to shine, she lets her presence be known. 

She displays her intelligence, her grace, and her relaxed ambiance about life through all the many creative and wondrous things she is capable of doing.

She’s an artist, an avid reader, writer, and a dauntless person when it came to new things.

Admiring her total existence, I realized I was also filled with envy.

Wishing I had her geniality, artistic ways, her beauty, her flaws, her everything,

I took a step back from the reflection; needing some closure. 

But then, I realized I was staring at me. 


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