I'm not satisfied.

Not just with me.

Or my actions.

But unsatisfied with life.

Do my feelings even matter if I'm plastered- generic,


A Phenotype?


Performing as if I am always on stage.

Waving to people unknowingly hoping they'll give me praise.

Isn't that what we all want?

Once the curtains change?

Or am I the only descendant of man to pretend that everything's okay?


A Phenotype.


My flesh doesn't speak for me.

So why let it define who I am?

Hide my heart, hide my mind.

Covering my iridescence in the meantime...

 I'm telling lies.


            Emerging, with countless new trends, latest fashions and styles.




Sporting Faux pearls, faux suede, and a faux smile.


A Phenotype.


Strutting in black lace alongside white leather.

Existing only, in order to satisfy others with visual pleasure.

Facade after facade, a tragedy in a way.

My hearts on my sleeve, but it's scripted you see.

I've programmed my heart to never fumble or sway. 


A Phenotype.


Regardless of how rigorous my routine has become.

The role I've been playing holds a key of hope.

A piece that merely blossoms amidst being alone.


I'm worthy.

Not just any kind of worth.

Or value.

But I am worthy of life, because of who I am.

Who I am resounds in ringing with mystique, wonder, and space combined.


My luminescence 


Pass the shallow shedding of my skin,

Blazes a vigorous spirit within.

As I open up my heart to the cosmos to talk, 

Unravels all the destructive mental sabotage.


My luminescence 


Once awakened by the luster of the moon and its pearl.

My true intentions and dreams surface.

For I yearn desperately for a more genuine world. 


As my inner beauty comes alive, I pause and think a while.

To give me a name would be hard to craft.

The depth of my spirit cannot be categorized into any title.


In a world full of hate I am a lover.

Unified as one, together.

I am a sister.

I am a brother.


My luminescence 


To know that I could help form a more serene realm.

I could surely, yet slowly heal the Earth.

Improve my actions, and wish others well.


A new day has arrived.

I have everything I need to start.

As I look into my brethrens eyes,

I don't desire to remain a plastered heart.




I will constantly share my love as I soar and fly.

Against all odds, My luminescence will persevere.

For I am more than what meets the eye.

I am > A Phenotype.


I am...Me.

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