I am Flawless,

Just open up your ears,

I am Flawless without photoshop

Now wait, this will make your jaw drop,

You look inside the shiny magazines at the glamorous models there

I'm telling you those fake images are one hundred percent not fair.

You are Flawless with all your curves and all your edges,

You shouldn't care what anyone else says!

Why should you not care? Most people ask,

Because you are you and should not have to wear a mask.

Wearing a mask just to survive,

means you aren't truely alive.

Being Alive means to be yourself,

you're not yourself if you try to be someone else.

So throw away all those rude images,

And show people what beauty really is.

Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder,

if you can't see her beauty you may not know her.

Beauty comes from both the inside and the outside,

unlock both of those and you'll see yourself fly!

Fly on your flawless talents and wings,

With those you can do anything.

I'm telling you don't listen when someone else puts you down, 

Show them who's the top dog in town.

Because you are FLAWLESS.


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