Fri, 10/31/2014 - 20:14 -- okosau


What is a friend?
If you are unsure, I can tell you more?
Friends are not selfish
This I can say for certain
My Friends are not the normal type
They are loud, proud, black and bright
Embracing the altitudes of life
We are there for one another
There is no other
Faithful, respectful, intellects,
Educated and nice
Dedicated sisters,
We are so tight
Like proud mothers, we praise each other
Like fathers, we look out for one other
As if we raised each other
Like sisters, we giggling at the most silliest things
Tears of laughter when we are together
Making jokes with ease,
We fight and tease

Hugs filled of love and comfort,
We push us further into heights the eye cannot see,
Because we have faith to believe anything is possible
My friends are unstoppable
Artistry is my is my niche,
Without my friends I would have a glitch,
They give me life,
Like water to a whale,
Life is beautiful,
But what is life without your friends.

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