Behind The Glass

Wed, 11/12/2014 - 00:28 -- hoolay

Mirror mirror on the wall, does it really matter what you see at all?


My mind is made up, and the facade is on

You don't really see who I am and that’s the plan.

For what you see is the face I choose

The one I use to keep you at bay

And you're ok with that.


My mere reflection is all that interests you

Because beneath the exterior is a world unexplored


The unknown is always daunting and why should I be any different?

And I'm ok with that.


This other galaxy locked inside it's unstable - unpredictable

Emotions are unbound and free to fly

This galaxy is corrosive and you would be tempted to burn your flesh

You would be consumed

And society is NOT ok with that.


And will see what the mirror sees

This face

This shell

And never the alien world society has taught me to subdue

And I will know better than that.



We all live in a restrained world created by society because what we have inside would overwhelm all who we come into contact with.

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