One Is Life


Why talk when you sing?
Why speak when you can preach?
The simplistic yet saddening answer is; one can not.
For, it is the unequal, and forever differentiating population that we must thrive living in today, amongst one and other, that causes us to shy away from living in harmony, and acts as a catalyst to an overpowering forte in the countermelody of life, overpowering the melody that could be the greatest song mankind could ever hear and create.

Together we are One. Each our own instrument, each our own musical part. We are to each other, as the heart is to sustaining life. One is an orchestra.

Now is it this everlastingly differentiated and discriminating population that is causing lack of harmony? See, it is our inept ability to realize it that is the cause; the catalyst. It Is our own faults and our inept abilities to realize that not only is it our instrument that Is out of tune, but the whole orchestra. We are One. There is beauty in a symphony once harmony is reached. We are the music. One is Harmony.

Though, like freedom requires discipline, harmony requires a slight sense if dissonance. One can not sound beautiful, until One realizes what the opposite of beauty sounds like. Isn't all sound beauteous, though? That's what this life needs. One needs to create a song in which it is not only okay, but smiled upon, and requested to hear again, when one instrument is dissonant from the rest; when one musician gives the listener something quite differently, yet perpetually beautiful and off sounding, all at the same time. One is One. One is potentially potential.

What is dissonance in this life? What is dissonance to One? Dissonance is wrong.
Dissonance is beauty.
Dissonance is beautiful.
Dissonance is beautifully wrong.
Dissonance is solely when one individual entity is different, while still having the unrecognized potential beauty to make a piece beautiful; to make One beautiful.
One is Love. One is Dissonance.

One is Potential.
One is Orchestral
One is Harmony
One is Beauty
One is Dissonance.
One is Love.
One is Life.
Life is One.


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