We are coming in to an age of technology
An age of exploration and variation and sociology 
Everything now is in this language of electricity 
1010101 everyone knows, it’s called binary 
But why are we still holding back when our computers are evolving
Its later now, its 2014, and still adults medieval minds are faltering on problems 
even children are solving
I tried to use the term ‘gender neutral’ about a month ago and the way I was laughed 
at and silenced, youd thinking it was extremist thinking
When all I wanted to do was help the way that they were speaking
And I am so sick and tired of every single day
Of having to hear some freshman white boy call his bio test ‘gay’
Or getting strange looks when I say its not actually gay its LGBT*QIA
And we dont want to have to make ourselves one specific way
To fit into your digital thinking of 010101: 
Youre either one or youre zero
Youre either one of us, or youre nothing to us
Because you say you are so uncomfortable with my self expression that youd rather 
ignore me than understand me
See people are scared of change and even change is scared to change
Because its worried about being bullied on the school courtyard or at an interview
And when we show our anger, frustration and pain
You choose to take it as a excuse to complain
You try to drive two ways on a one way street
Shut up, sit down, you don’t know me!
You have no clue what its like to turn on the TV
Only to see channels full of jokes written JUST about me
And movies with one main concept:
And im sorry if that big word is scary to you, but do you know what scary to me?
Getting to see another, yes another, queer kid set on fire on TV
We are tired of being tired of our bodies
And tired of trying to explain them to people who are more comfortable with that
1010101 than taking the effort to look up ‘genderqueer’ in the dictionary
And we are tired of trying to pretend that we’re ones because we’re told that’s whats 
And because we don’t want to face ourselves as zeros to be seen as nothing by a 
Society that treats my people as a blight
Bigots on TV treats us like The Plauges 
Sent from hell to reign terror on your binarist ways
And maybe that’s what its going to take to get you to see
People aren’t macbooks or iphones or TVS
We have a language of beauty and its changing every single day 
So I don’t want to hear you dare to say
That we have to be 1’s or 0’s answer to simple yes or no questions that you shouldn’t 
be asking anyway
We aren’t robots or computers for you to give commands and you need to 
understand that we don’t want to be 1s in your codes
We’re tired of being  in this 101010101011110111111111111
We’re tired of hiding
So we’re taking infinity


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