SUNshine/Mrs. Messed Up

Who bothers to risk their eyes

to look into the light of the sun?

They cover their eyes and turn their backs

and take advantage of the warmth and the glow

Me I am the sun

Everyday I rise and my rays

glow for anyone within my orbit to see

Everyone is content

and no man bothers to look past

the light of the sun

None but a few have

come close enough to see

the holes on the surface of myself

Something like obligation or 

gravity or forces now beyond my control

see to it that I rise each morning

warming the paths before me and

bathing the backdrops in brilliant incandescence 

but at some point the sun must set

and under the cloak of darkness the

ever glowing she allows herself to cry

to acknowlede the holes on her surface

to let her light dim

nobody bothers to look past

the light of the sun

because I can't bear to let you see 

anything other than a joyful, luminous, me 


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