Uplifting Music


I am uplifted by Music.  

If I can put in my earphones, I do it.  

If I can replay a song that energizes me, I play it.  

Music is my outlet, Music is my Forte. 

On the way to class, on the way home, I MUST play my precious, sacred Music. 

I wake up in the morning with a song, any song in my heart.  

I go to sleep at night with a song, any song on my mind.  

I hear music everywhere  twenty-four seven, all the time.  

I can feel the sound reaching through my veins.

It makes me feel good, it makes me feel strange.  

If I can find the right song for any moment, I hum it.  

If I can hear just the opening of the right song for a moment, I listen to it.  

Music is my counselor, Music is my friend.

We've been together for so long, we can see no end. 

I make Music, and Music makes me.

Together we are unstoppable, together we are free. 

The moment I take out my earphones, I come back to reality.  

I look confused, I look deranged.  

The silence makes me feel weird, it makes me feel strange.  

I long for the moment, I can take a stroll alone.

Because in that moment, I will plug in my earphones.   

Uplifting Music, Uplifting songs.

I will wait for your serenade, all the day long.  




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