A small excerpt in the perspective of Elliot Rodger (UCSB Shooter).

This is a small excerpt in the perspective of Elliot Rodger before he went on a killing spree.
Reader discretion is advised. I took complete liberty in making up his perspective (so be warned).


I laid in my bed with a gun in my hand
Thinking,"This, I can no longer withstand."

I've been thinking about this for a whole week,
But I can't stop now or I'll seem weak.

Especially now that the voices are no longer in my head.
It seems as if they have stopped and left me for dead.
They haven't visited me at night but still, I rest in my bed feeling a little uptight.

Because they always come back,
They lurk around waiting to attack.
They taunt me for being a Virgin,
and tear me apart like an expert surgeon.

They whisper. “You're never good enough,”
They taunt me, “ You're a loser” with such disgust.

So I need to step up and take what is mine,
And by the end of the day soak in the blood of the sinners while sipping some wine.

Because you see I am 22 and no one seems to want me,
My daddy is at work and no girl is here to comfort me.
Yes....I think they are the epitome of evil!
They have made my mind ill, it's an upheaval !

I want to rid the world of all females
Who's word of conviction are all tales.

Purge the world of uncleanliness, make the streets a place of more and more friendliness .

Who do they think the are?
They aren't as good looking as the Hollywood stars.

They'd be lucky to date someone like me.
But they tell me they don't want a guy nice guy like me,
Hah they end up fcking the douchebag who leaves them on the street.

But they all say no, And after today they'll say no more.

There will be some retribution,
It's my right as a citizen, a constitution.

The gun feels less heavy on my hand.
All of the thing are coming together like specks of sand.

Because the little pieces are conjoining together;
Oh what a Perfect day to kill on this lovely weather.

Before I shoot them they'll scream for mercy,
But once the bullet goes deep, their last words to me will be "Elliot 'Merci.'

I lay in my bed with gun in my hand,
I am no longer hesitating it's all planned.



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