The Beauty of Me


The corset is now off,

Putting all the guard down.

What if they should flout or scoff?

Sea of shame, go ahead, drown.

Fabricating to care,

Pitching bad self esteem.

Yet they gossip and stare,

Not trustworthy as they seem.

What about the inside?

They don't care for that.

Personality aside,

All they see is fat.

Just social acceptance,

Is the sole result here.

Too long I've danced your dance.

What if I choose not to hear?

They can judge all they want.

I love all of my curves.

What I've got I'm gonna flaunt.

I'll win this war of nerves.

Mental abuse not stood for.

Detach the puppet strings,

They can't control me anymore.

Weight lifted my heart now sings.


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