Stuck Behind a Curtain


Are you stuck behind the curtain

Entrapped by the boundaries they set for you

Unable to unlock yourself from the dungeon

You created for yourself

All set by a visualization your suppose to be


Media flashes the perfect person

One with a heart of gold

beautiful personalities

all true selves locked behind a brick wall

unable to get out to afraid


People watch and criticize

Did you just see what they did

You see what they are wearing

You see what they look like

All rude opinions help to ease the pain of themselves


It’s a sad circle

A bad cycle a merry-go-round

Why be yourself if you going to be criticize

Your true self is limp

Dead inside


You become another person altogether

Soon we are all going to be robots

Trying to be the same

While we are all human

Unique DNA


Why can’t we just be ourselves

Without the barriers

Accepting for who we are

These people are hard to find

Hard to create



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