The Hidden Flame

Reality fades away,

and once again I'm trapped in my mind.

I'm left with my thoughts,

that scare me with all their doubts.

My heart hurts,

not physically, but emotionally,

I'm drained of liveliness,

from all the negative energy in my brain.

My anxieties scare away any hope that was left,

and faith goes deaf.

My mouth runs quiet,

but my mind screams madness.

Look at me and nothing you will see,

but from this invisible battle I cant  b r e a k  free.

What is this heaviness that burdens my chest?

What is this fog that makes me so depressed?

It comes suddenly,

and engulfs me in its flames,

and soon I am nothing but ashes,

unable to speak of the feelings,

festering beneath my skin.

For this sadness is something so hard to explain,

to someone who has never felt your pain.



You do a great job of describing your emotions through your poetry! Sometimes you just can't say something, and that is when it is time to find another way to get your thoughts out so you can sort it out. Keep writing! Keep shouting through your poetry! :)

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