The Girl Behind the Curtain

Fri, 11/28/2014 - 16:21 -- LaBass

There is a girl behind a curtain

Who cannot be seen.

She lives her life hidden

From the word around her.

Being invisible is her only

Protecton from the world.


If others knew who she is,

They might laugh and make fun

Of her because she is not the same

As everyone else. They would

Never see her the same way

Once they meet her true self.


Those who know her tell her that

Her personality is a gift that needs

To be shared with the world.

She does not see what they see

Because she believes

The lies the world tells her.


She is shy,

With an outgoing girl

Hidden on the inside,

Crying out to be seen.

The girl on the outside 

Keeps her shrouded in darkness

Around everyone. Only her family

And best friends have seen

Who she really is.

No one else would guess

That there is another girl

Behind the curtain.



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