Dear Absentee Father:

Tue, 11/25/2014 - 18:46 -- pvaldes


There is a hole in my heart

the place where you should be

it grows each time I think

how you left because of me


What hurts me the most

besides, that you left me behind

is that you never gave me the chance

to try to change your mind


Fact: you didn't want me

fact: you still don't care

each day, I'm reminded of these things 

each day they leave me without air


Who broke your heart

so long ago

that you could do this to me

that you could leave me all alone


My tears won't stop

and time can't mend my broken heart

but I carry on anyways

if only to say, that I won't be torn apart


There is a hole in my heart

the place you should've been

but you're never coming back

so now, I cover it with a grin. 





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