Why is Life so Difficult to Understand?

Sat, 09/27/2014 - 20:02 -- Casekan

I live through depression,

He runs through my veins,

He sneaks up on me,

When I feel astrain,


He burdens my mother,

And her mother too,

We three share him,

As if life has intended for us to do,


No other thoughts,

Except when will it end,

No other wants,

Besides the death of my skin,


He hates me,

I can see my death,

He wishes me gone,

With every breath,


I will not give in,

For this life was intended for me,

He will not win,

He will not see me struggle,

Not even at the end,


I will stand strong,

We three will rise up,

He will not win,

Depression will not run our lives.


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