Drowning Beneath the Surface

I'm drowning, unable to swim so I sink.

This ain't like no swim at lake, a pond, or river.

Not like in a pool but more like the ocean, swimming around in darkness.

You never know which way is up, down, sideways, diagional, left, or right.

One thing I know is right is that I'm lost.

Searching, searching for what? Light? Hope? My way home? My way home?!

I'm looking for my place to fit in, to thrive, to shine, to be me, to be a happy me.

Looking but lost in a sea of darkness, I'm trapped in despair drowning in my fears.

I hurt, not like a heart ache, a headache, a back ache, or stomach ache.

I hurt more like a unfulfilling, empty sort of feeling in my chest, my head, my mind, my everything.

I'm drowning, unable to swim so I sink.

I sink into my innermost thoughts alone, drowning in their darkness.

Who will help me, pull me a shore, tell me that it's ok, rub my back and hair?

Who will talk to me, listen to me, share the silence with me?

So again I'm drowning unable to swim so I sink, I sink. I sink lower and lower.

I stay, I dwell in fears in the darkness.

In the darkest part of the sea, I quietly weep from what's beneath surface.


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