the wrong point of view


I am a girl.

I am a woman.

I should sit on the toilet, and stare at the wall, or the tub, or the sink.

My view should be of the things around me, not the things under me.

I am a human.

I am a person.

I should not hang my head over the toilet like a dog, releasing vomit from my mouth.

I should use that mouth to sing.

To speak beautiful poetry.

To encourage someone.

I used to stare at the wall. 

I used to stare at the tub, and the sink.

Now I just stare at the mirror. And into the eyes of a girl who's soul is empty.

A girl who's dreams were flushed down the toilet right along with the vomit and shattered confidence.

"Be thin!"

"Be pretty!"

"Wear this!"

"Be skinny!"

The voices I hear every day are plastered on the faces that stare back at me from the glossy pages of magazines. 

Because that is how you're supposed to look.



I have seen the picture, but I have looked at it with tainted vision, and from the wrong angle. 

I have heard the words, but I am listening with deaf ears.

I have felt the hurt, but confused it with love.


I am good enough.

I am strong enough.

I am thin enough.

I am loved.

So now I can sit on the tiolet.

And stare at the wall.

Or the bathtub.

Or the sink.

And I can smile.


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Annelise Wellesley

This is great!  Truly evocative.


I teared up reading this. It is beautiful and real. Exactly what women hear and have to deal with on a daily basis.

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