Tireless Advent

Fri, 11/14/2014 - 22:46 -- Linkeei

Reflection of the dew staring back at you

The ethereal gleam tearing every seam

You and I, or I and you?

You amongst the chosen few.

Can you see behind the dirt and grime?

The uncharismatic whine?

A view available to few, none closer—no feud

And who would witness, the advent of it all?
The rise and fall, the start of the ball?

Step one, step two, left, left, right, achoo!

Bless you, a grace always welcomed.

One I can never achieve

But by the edge of a sleeve.

I can disappear into the night

I can hide in the shadows of fright

So I don’t have to face the light.

And those who would seek my end,

Can never make themselves amend

But what lies behind the façade of life?

What is there to the beggar in a strife?

Life and ends, Heaven and Sins

It’s all the same to a burden in pain

One of a few, who are not the same

Break curfew, break through the pane.

The looking glass is ready

But I can’t keep steady

And I want to believe I’m not the only one.

But everyone has gone, just like the fun.

So I pray to drift,

To be swift,

To be quick,

To never look back

When I look in the mask.


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