As Girls Go

As Girls Go


Lashes curled painted black

stare into the mirror at what you lack,

maybe an inch or pefect hair

or skin that’s smooth, soft, pale and fair.

Skinny waist but curves around

try to be someone else

afraid you’ll be found.


Speak what they want

not what they think,

but when you tip toe on ice

its hard not to sink,

into the surface a place

only you go,

a dark scary place

only you know.


You don’t want to be pretty

just a face with nice looks,

you want to be more than someone

expected to cook.


You’re told you can do it,

ambition is key,

no one warned you a glass ceiling

would block what you see.


You’re more than a bra size,

a face, a good spouse;

you’re too smart to just sit home

and tend to a house.


Don’t be quiet don’t settle

for less than your goal.

If it’s not what you want

you’ll never be whole.


Yes you’ll be judged,

but you don’t have to care.

Don’t settle for pink

if blues more your flare.


Get dirty, play sports, get loud,

be brave.

Your heart is an ocean;

you choose to make waves.

Wear a bare face or the one

that you like.

Poke holes in beliefs

let your thoughts be the spike.


I’m a girl,

I wear make-up,

watch sports and I sew.

Gender tells little,

hides more than it shows.

But to me, I’m just me;

I’m not as girls go.


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