The Creature Inside


My soul is dark,

And the light that glows within is dim,

Try to see inside,

And struggles you will find,

 my naked soul,

is one that only few know,

sometimes a stranger even to me,

My soul is a creature of its own,

Begging to be taunted with,

Its core leaves me haunted,

Feelings trapped in the darkness,

Cant free themselves from its grip,

So in the darkness they will stay,

Until I meet someone,

Whose soul with mine,

Is fit to mingle,

And the light inside,

Begins shinning bright,

No explanations I will have to give,

They’ll see me for who I am,

Who I have always been,

They’ll see the demons inside of me,

Aren't the things that define me,

But defy me.



I love this so much. You're s talented. 


Thank u ashley<3


Wow this is amazing. I love this poem so much because it is so relateble. It's definetly in my top favs! xoxo


That is why I write my poetry so others know they are not alone. Glad you appreciate it thank u<3


Reminds me of a lot of what I right. Calm and composed... but if anyone really knew...


This is hopefully a glimpse into what I feel. It is hard for others to understand, but remeber there are many that can relate too.


I love this poem! You are very talented.


Wow thank you so much! 


Wow, this is absolutely amazing. I love it.


I'm glad you like it! Thank u:-)


This is extremely powerful....and deep....these are not essay feelings to put into words...I have often tried to explain these feelings that I have had to others but could not,  and this poem describes them so well! You are so talented!

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