Life's Excitement


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Different aspects of life, new born babies that are born with innocence.

Smiles that are filled with joy and excitement

the sweet, sweet candies I devoured as a child, that left me with nothing but delightment.

Long talks that relieves me of my insecurity and problems.

Letting my thoughts run free on paper, that eventually forms into novels.

Being able to help when others are in despair.

Watching the multi-colored fireworks that burst rapidly into the air.

These things are what makes me happy, and it doesn't end here.

The rib-tickling jokes that brings tears to my eyes.

McDonald's special sale that offers $1 large fries.

The skills I embrace from my education, and the family I adore.

The Detroit Lions astonishing plays, that lights up the scoreboard.

Music that speaks to the soul, and allows you to be yourself.

The love I receive from god, when I can't love myself.


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