Poetry isn't my Forte, but I'm willing to try.


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The true me?

Well there's a mystery.

Even I, myself find trouble to congregate my thoughts.

Maybe that is me-a plethora of lost thoughts?

Microscopic thoughts. Dots.

Dots endured through my limbic system and expressed outward.

Thoughts of lost hope only to be covered with a bright smile.

Nobody understands me, so how to explain my true self?

Here's something: Seventeen

Seventeen and helpless.

Demoralized and confused.

Distressed and un-confident.

Broken of insecurity, yet still attempting.

That's me: a contrite girl with so much ahead of her, but stuck in a sea of troubles.

Therefore I ask of you, don't pull the curtain back.





Oh my goodness! I totally meant "microscopic"! Human mistake. :(

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