What You Don't Know.

That girl right there?

That girl who looks depressed everywhere?

She's being bullied by a couple of jerks

Anything they say works

It hurts her, it breaks her down

They love to see that innocent girl frown

They beat her up and call her names

They torment her with their childish games

They'll do anything to make her cry

She hasn't done anything to them, so why?

Why pick on her and make fun of her?


Is it because they're jealous?

Is it because they're careless?

They don't care what they say,

So they strip this girl's self esteem away.


She goes home every night and cries

Sometimes she just wants to die

They're some prescription pills on her dresser


Should she take them or not?

Put a bullet through her own body and say she got shot?

Tie a rope around her neck and hang from the ceiling,

Because no one else cares about her feelings?

Jump from a bridge and just end her life,

So she won't be come anyone's wife?


Oh no, she's too ugly, those girls said so

Everything they say is a hard impact blow

The bullied princess makes her decision

She's just going to make a tiny little incision

One on her wrist, right on her vein

Everyone already thinks she's insane!


So she gets a knife, one big and wide

In her closet, she goes inside

Puts the knife to her wrist and goes to work

She hates those stupid little jerks

Blood is drawn, and she is in pain

Her confidence and self esteem she can't gain


She sits in her closet to bleed to death

Then the young girl takes her last breath....


Her parents are looking for her, where is she?

They go to her closet and find their precious little baby



Oh who cares, she was a mess!

She was just a little wimp

The girls don't care

They don't care if the girl has no air,

In her lungs, going through her nose.


If only they knew.....


What they don't know is,

Her parents are crying

Inside they're dying

"My baby, my sweet baby, she's gone,"

"Where did we go wrong!?"

"Why did she kill herself?"


"You want to know why? Those girls right there!

They are the ones to blame!

They don't care!

They put your sweet daughter to shame!

She's gone now because of them!"


"Those girls right there? Can they talk?

Their attitudes are ugly, as well as their walk...

In fact, they're ugly, inside and out!

Their big fat lips out in a pout!

They bullied my daughter, my little princess!"


Why, why, why?


Yes, it is true. Bullying is real.

It is indeed the real deal.

Those girls didn't know what they caused.

Now their whole life is at a pause


Because it just hit them!


What have I done? What did I do!?

It's my fault that girl's life is through!

I was just jealous of her, she was better than me

It's my fault that her soul is free.....

Maybe I should have tried to be her friend....

Instead of making her life come to a screeching end....


Those girls....






They didn't know bullying had harsh effects.






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