Behind the Curtain


Pull Back the Curtain and you will see,

A completely different image of me.

While every day I stand, tall and proud,

There is a small girl in the corner, scared to come out.

I smile and laugh, as she sobs and shakes.

When I go to give a hug in greeting,

It's that small girl looking for comfort and meaning.

She cries as I smile an try to help others.

Looking to find meaning in each person I try healing.

Hoping that each person I touch can see what I try to see every day.

Pull back My Curtain and you will see a weak and scared girl that wants to help and heal.

A girl who cries as a healing Light flows through her.

Her wings out-stretched to protect others.

She sits in her tears and fears, but still fights to see others smile.

Still she fights to have others know love and feel whole.

All while she looks for someone to hug her so tight that all her Broken pieces fall into place.

Behind the Curtain...

Is a crying, Light Angel...

That fights to have herself, and others, see the Light and Beauty in every moment.



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