I've never been one for fear-

I don't fear the dark

I don't fear hights

Not spiders, nor snakes

I don't fear a challenge

I don't fear confrontation

I am not afraid to feel fear

but there is one thing that scares me more than anything.

I fear death- 

not the Oblivion that some people believe lies beyond this world

I'm not afraid to leave behind people on Earth

Not becuse of the Judgement Day others believe will come

No- I'm afraid to die while I'm still alive.

I'm afraid to be set adrift 

Lost without a tether

whipped around in a wind created in the empty space

where loved ones (should) go.

I don't need glory

or a legacy

I just need to be bright

To be MORE than ordinary

I cannot be the bland piece of wallpaper

you never notice slowly loosing its grip on the wall

Pealing inch by inch from the solid world

leaving behind an empty space that will only be covered up and forgotten,

I would rather live in infamy than in limbo

For its much easier to fight something that is there;

Hate is curable,

Emptiness is endless.

I Refuse to be left behind 

I Will be a dancing flame 

Casting light into every corner of my life

The shadows will be chaced away 

By the briliance I have become, 

It is others who will fear 

that I shall leave THEM behind.


will I abondon those that need my light

Until I am old, and spent

an ember left to guide- 

Useful only to light the next fire

to give a piece of myself 

to a world that will never forget me.





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