A Storm of Skin

Everyone sees the young, timid girl

The one who barely speaks

But her mind and soul and racing

Burning those thoughts like coal

Anger rises like an inferno

She can't rip away the mask of bone and flesh

She can't reveal her radiance

They see a beautiful girl with no remarks

Her mother sees intelligence in a colorful spirit

What she is, is a storm disguised in skin

A creature that can't be


Everyone looks

But they don't see

This is her chance

She peeks through the holes in the mask

She understands not everyone is who they seem

These people are armoured with layers of secrets

You believe you know them

But they hide their motives in their hearts

As does she

She protects her virtue behind her skin

She grasps the idea that

There is an infinite number of versions

one person

can play out

She is still trying to discover those views  for herself

Stop creating a vision of me

One that I am desperately  

                                                trying to pull away


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