That’s the point right?

To hide your true self.

To hide your insecurities.

Why hide ourselves,

And limit our possibilities,

When we can embrace 

And show what we have to offer. 

There is no gain in fake faces

and insincere laughter. 

So what is the point

in the masks we make?

My mask is transparent,

I express what I feel.

My intensions are apparent 

Most that I cannot conceal.

You can tell when i’m upset

and when i’m happy.

But there are times when I forget

which is which and happy turns to sappy.

There are times when my mask is reflective,

and mimics the person facing it.

I have learned that that mask is the most effective.

So what is the point of it?

C’mon guys!

Now is the time to cast aside

the things we disguise.

Sometimes it is to hide

or convince others you are “straight”.

I know it is a lot to ask

But we cannot continue at this rate.

So everyone, take off those masks!

Let loose!

Do not flea!

There is no longer an excuse!

Be free!


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