There Is Power



There’s Power in words

And life in book pages




Breath in that smell

Of characters and plot

See how they live?




Look at the chapters

The way they seem

To pull you in

Like a lifeline at sea


Do you see?


Do you see why I write?

To save lives that otherwise may

Be lost to the confusion of the world

To save myself from the crushing

Never ending cycle

Of the world










Necessary in our lives

In all of our lives


To learn


To escape


To feel the Power

Of others dead and alive

The power is ours

To write down our feelings


And thoughts


Do not fear the blankness of a page

Take solace in it

Realize that your life holds more than you can








One day you will understand

And see the Power

And imagine the impact you left

The life in book pages is you


You are reflected


In everything you read

So look and smell and breathe and taste


It’s all yours


This Power of words

It is not only in books


It is you


In your words


In your thoughts


In what you do


Revel in it

There’s Power in words

And all of it is yours

What makes me Flawless?


This Power to write

This is who I am

And who I will always be



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