In that dark room
at the end of the never ending hallway,
laying in her white sheets, in nothing but a gown,
all alone,
with the clicks and clangs of the cold machines,
the rhythmic beeps taunt her.
She may not know Morse code,
but the beat of her heart
that the machine translates
reminds her of what cannot be,
and that one day the line will go flat.

But what She can be is happy.
and her smiles are contagious.
Doses of smiles,
destroying all pity.
Her beauty radiates
through her smile.
Teeth glowing,
eyes twinkle and wrinkle,
laugh lines grow deeper,
She is sunshine.
Her rays kiss
my skin.
Her fire does not grow dim
when She shares her light.
I want to be happy
for her
So my fire can feed hers
And grow brighter.
So She finds her way
through the darkness and battles the
same long
same aches
and pains,
yet the same beauty
radiates happiness.
I love to be happy
because life is full of people
who never let the darkness
hide their light.
I may not know her name
but her smiling
hellos and goodbyes
leave my heart inside
and my mind
of her full life
because her happiness
does not die
and neither will mine.

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