The non invisible Person

Mon, 12/01/2014 - 00:35 -- maggi97


What are we as humans?

Are we just people with amazing discoveries and ideas?

Are we just idealistic and logictic people?

Are we the one that we wanted to become?

If so, what am i ? 

The insecurities trigger my heart

The violence contradicts my inoccence 

The disputation diminish my feelings

The vulnerability of the less, benefits the egotists

The gesture of the kind, angers the cynical 

But my heart sees beyond that 

I know i cannot hide myself because of the arrogance of the world

My heart believes there is love

My heart believes there is kindness

My heart believes there is still mercy

Therefore this person who i am would not hide or be ashamed 

I am me, I will  become what as a kid i always wanted

I will not have fear

I will be strong

No curtains will diminish the pure self that is in me 

And will not hide from the world


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